Everything you wanted to know about On Page SEO (but there was no one to tell you)

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Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO is not an instant money making stream that pulls sales and customer to your business.

Many people perceive SEO to be an instant application and then Results. They are usually disappointed.

While reading through this article, you will Learn what SEO is and most importantly, how to approach On Page SEO for your business.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine as quoted by Wikipedia.

Quite lengthy right? Here’s a more simple definition…

In my own terms, SEO is a process of optimising your website or blog or e-commerce store on a Search Engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo for your target audience to easily see your website.

It is all about Online visibility of your business.

Once your business is visible to a certain demography of people, then you can say, it’s is optimised.

If you’re like me, you’d most likely want to know how your business becomes optimised to reach a target demography.

The answer to that is Keywords.

When optimising your business website, your focus should be on Keywords solely, at least at the beginning phase.

Keywords as defined by SemRush is any search term entered on Google (or another search engine) that has a results page where websites are listed.

This definition is spot on.

Still I believe it can be defined in a more simple way as — the words your target audience is searching for on the web.

As simple as that, if you have those words (the words your target audience is searching for online) on your website, then your target audience will find you easily.

There’s no other magic to its definition than what I’ve stated.

Usually there are challenges in making things happen online and with SEO, there are Challenges too.

Getting the words that your target audience is speaking is no where easy and straightforward.

In a bid to tackle this challenge, what you can do is embark on keyword research and primary market research.

Now Keyword Research and Primary Market Research are not simple things to do especially when you are doing it for the first time.

And I would not talk about it with you now… maybe later.

For now we will focus on just one part of SEO

On Page SEO

Now with Keyword research done (as supposed) the next phase you focus on is Your website Content.

Also known as On Page SEO. Or you could see it as the SEO activities going on inside your website… hence the term On page SEO.

Now you’d pay close attention here

Your website is what ranks on Google right?

If your intentions are to rank your website, you will have to input the keywords you researched on it by writing contents.

Not necessarily Blog Post, those are great too but first off, the Web contents you should write first are

  1. home page
  2. About page
  3. Service page
  4. Contact page
  5. Testimonials Page etc.

Every of this content will have the keywords that you want to rank for creatively affixed into it.

This way your website contents holds the keywords your want to rank for.

Now you have learnt certain things,

  1. What SEO Is
  2. What Keywords are
  3. The importance of Keyword research
  4. On Page SEO

At this point, the journey to rank your Website on Google or any other search engine just got interesting.

You’ll get to understand soon.

5 out of 10 businesses stop at this point and complain about SEO and how it is DEAD!

Obviously they did not do a good job on Thier quest to be optimised… so I would say they killed SEO!

When you are done with creating website Content (On page SEO). There are a few activities you need to handle on your website, they include:

  1. Web page interlinking
  2. ATL text
  3. Google Map

Each of these are usually over looked by many folks trying to make SEO work. Most times they do not know the value that they hold.

On page SEO is key and infact, in my opinion the most important aspect of SEO activities for your website.

When you get it right at first, the results would yield in no time..

Web Page Interlinking

First on the list is web page interlinking. It may seem vague, don’t worry I’ll break it down into crumbs!

To get this part right, you start with your Home page. Your Home Page is very important to make this work.

Starting off, you need to come up with a ton of content on your Home page, do not leave it bare without good content.

Now that you’re done with your Home Page and it’s ready to roll (as supposed), you create other pages like the

  1. Service Page,
  2. About Page,
  3. Testimonials,
  4. Contact page etc.

Then you do this …

Link all of these pages to the home page. This is the first part. When linking, link them to keywords you’re ranking for.

Remember the importance of keywords right? So link all of these pages to related keywords on your Home Page.

Finally, the second part, create sub pages. Let’s say you offer 4 types of services.

Create a separate page each for them, link them back to your service page and also back to your Home Page.

Link them back with the same process with which you linked your main Pages.

And that’s about that on Web page interlinking.

Nothing Fancy!

ALT text or Tag

The next thing you should is something many folks ignore. Shamefully..

And that’s the AlT text. If you’re new to this, you will probably not know where you can find the AlT text or Tag on your website.

But follow me, you’ll be up to speed in a matter of minutes!

The AlT text is usually found when you want to upload images on your website.

Images on your home page, services page, testimonials, About page, Contact page, etc.

There are some many instances where you upload images and if you were like me some 2 years ago.

You upload and that’s all!

If that’s what you did, then you should address it after you’re done reading this.

When ever you upload an image, let’s say your home page image. In the upload tab, you will see a section usually on the side that says AlT text.

On the AlT text, you should write the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for.

Remember you have a lot of keywords to rank for thanks to your keywords research.

So you add a keywords that relates to the image and what your image is trying to say.

For example — your have a dental hospital and on your website, there are no ALT text, but as usual, there are images already uploaded.

What you could do is.

If your home page image is describing strong tooth. And the there’s a keyword like “Healthy Tooth Expert in CT” that you want to rank for.

That is good ALT text to use on that image.

Its as simple as that.

Google Map

This is another opportunity to rank your Domain Authority on any Search engine.

Your location is key to the search engines, to achieve this process. All you have to do is simple.

Go over to Google map, get your location and then embed your Google map location on your website.

Enabling the search engine to crawl and get the location.

And that’s all to it. You’re on track in terms of good SEO.


Poor SEO techniques will hinder your website from ranking on any of the search engine.

And it’s because, SEO is not by luck, it’s an intentional process. If you do not do it well, your business will loose leads and ultimately you will not make enough money.

SEO is not Dead!



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