Should I quit freelancing
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Is quitting your freelancing career for a day job a good idea?

Do you have to choose which path to take in life, if yes, how do you make that decision

Optimus Prime
3 min readAug 6, 2020


I get it, everyone gets to make a decision on a daily basis about everything that they do. Decision making is probably what makes us humans in the first place!

This is why the question of quitting your freelance career boils down to your decision and what you want to achieve in your life.

Your decision is key, as it affects every other thing about you. Quitting doesn’t mean you’re a loser, No. It means you prioritize other things that Freelancing can’t give to you.

It doesn’t have to be money concerns, you could priorities other things, like associating with people or teamwork in a corporate setting. But you have doubts and questions in your mind right?

I’m i making the right decision?

Personally, I believe that there are so many questions that should precede the question of quitting your Freelance career. These are questions that you should try answering first and foremost.

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How do I know if Quitting is the Right Decision?

Well at first, you may not be able to give a concrete answer to this question. Especially if you have been freelancing for a very long time like me.

And like you, I have had thoughts of quitting, I’ve lost counts already. Usually, when I question my Freelance career, it is always down to a few factors that I have identified.

This is one step, identify the reason why you are contemplating on quitting your Freelance career. Like I did, I got an empty book and wrote down all I felt was disturbing my mind.

And I went through each of them one after the other. You should do the same, and when you do, you’d most likely pick out the factors that are instigating your decision to quit freelancing.

Making a switch from freelancing to the corporate setting is a big jump, I wouldn’t call it a leap. Its a new ball game entirely and this is why you really have to know why you want to leave.

If you wrote down the possible reasons why you’re thinking of making the switch, then compare them to why you chose to Freelance in the first place.

Nobody lives without making a decision

There is always a reason why we all do things. So compare them against each other. And at this point, you’d know the ones that you cannot do without.

For me? I couldn’t trade my freedom for anything. Not even money, I don’t want to wake up in the morning running down to work, this? I can’t trade, so I continued freelancing.


In the end, your decision to leave or stay remains entirely in your hands. You control everything. But the need to make the right decision cannot be overstated, it is very important that you do!



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